J Stephen Young, Architecture + Interiors photographer, New Orleans, LA USA proposes to photograph for Salamander Hotels & Resorts the NOPSI Hotel of New Orleans, pre-opening, approximately mid-June, 2017.

Project Description
- 3 days of photography + videography (dates TBD)
  Up to 10 hours onsite per day
  4-6 primary location shots per day
  + 15-25 detail vignette images per day
  + onsite footage to be included in video

- Video footage and a 60-90 seconds montage of video set to music - for use in pre and early opening announcements and beyond.
  Video requested shots list to be provided by Salamander/NOPSI. Additional New Orleans scenes provided by Stephen Young.  

- Drone photography (hourly) TBD

30mp Full-frame sensor DSLR camera
17mm Tilt-shift lens
14mm Wide-angle lens
4K video camera
Primary Lighting - "light painting" technique to minimize obstructions caused by traditional light stands - especially in tight spaces.
Secondary Lighting - Stands where needed.
iPad with real-time camera view for setup and adjusting scenes

Salamander Hotels & Resorts & NOPSI Hotel will have full usage rights for all images and video provided. Photographer retains copyright and may use the images within work portfolio. Photographer may provide images to complimentary 3rd parties (architect, construction company, contractors, media, tourism and visitors promoters, etc.) only with written approval from Salamander/NOPSI.
New Orleans scenes included in video are fully owned by Stephen Young and assistant/videographer.

Primary (stills) Photography

Photographer Rate: Includes post processing                            $2500/day x 3 days     $  7500
Assistant for primary photos, video, + vignettes                         $   850/day x 3 days     $  2550
Equipment Rental                                                                                                                  $    500
Primary (stills) Total                                                                                                              $10,550

60-90 seconds complete                                                                                                      $  3500

STILLS + VIDEO TOTAL                                                                                                         $14,050

+ Drone      (1/2 day)                                                                                                              +$     500

While 4-6 images per day is expected, Stephen Young will shoot up to 8 primary scenes per day with no additional post-processing fees.
For each image over 8/day (24 total) the post-processing fee is $250 per additional image.

Upon agreeing to this proposal and selecting Stephen Young to photograph and provide promotional video of NOPSI hotel, a written agreement will be provided. A 50% deposit is required to schedule, complete the shoot and provide images and video for review.
Photos & video will be provided for 1st review within 10 days after completion of shoot.
Requested edits will be made within 5 additional days and submitted for 2nd review.
If a 3rd review is necessary, changes will be submitted within 5 days.

Once both stills and video are approved by Salamander/NOPSI an invoice for the 50% balance will be submitted. Upon receipt of the balance payment, images and video will be available for immediate download at highest/HD resolution.

Sample images shot by Stephen Young

Pro footage (shot by videographer/assistant listed in above proposal) of New Orleans café/restaurant. Similar scenes can be shot for NOPSI restaurant + hotel interiors.

Sample video shot in Charleston, SC on May 29, 2017
Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston - Lobby + Exterior Experience

Sample video shot on Sunday, April 23, 2017.
I propose creating a NOPSI video that encourages the viewer to feel like a participant in the NOPSI & New Orleans experience rather than as a spectator watching a more traditional corporate marketing video. With this approach, professional models are not needed. In addition to the NOPSI experience I have over 500 New Orleans clients who would be thrilled to have their entertainment, gallery, retail, restaurant, and other spaces filmed as part of this production. I'll provide the complete list when we plan the blueprint for the video. - Stephen